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Twilight Chimes Western Kurti


The Twilight Chimes is a pattern that begins basic and ends unique. The sheer elegance lies in the simple solid outer shade that is primarily complemented by Diagonal Front Placket. The Contrast is added with the long roll up sleeves that reveal a Polka dotted red fabric beaneath the sleeves.

FABRIC:  Xinjiang cotton
Collar Style: Standard Collar With Underwing Contrast Red Jacquard Fabric
Cuff Style: Standard Two Button adjustable Cuff With Undercuff Contrast Red Jacquard Fabric

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  • Composition: 100% Xinjiang Cotton
  • Weave: Plain Weave
  • Finish: Liquid ammonia
  • Thickness: Thin
  • Elasticity: No
  • Collar Type: Band Collar
  • Cuff Type: Standard Two Button Adjustable Cuff With Under Cuff Contrast Check Fabric
  • Gusset: No
  • Collar Bone: No
  • Buttons: Metallic, Fashion Button
  • Yoke: One Piece Straight Yoke, Inside Yoke Contrast Check Fabric
  • Placket: Half Front Placket
  • Length: Thigh Length



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